Zombies in the Night! (Session 1)

Screams and the sounds of destruction awoke our heroes in the dead of night. Kobold zombies were wreaking havoc in Winterhaven, starting fires and menacing the populace. Among their number were several creatures with uncommon and disturbing abilities.

Loki, Rocky, and Drago were quick on the scene, where they immediately teamed up to deliver swift ass-beatery upon the gathered undead horde. Hellary was somewhat slower to join the battle, having taken some extra time to ensure that she looked her best for any fans that might be watching.

The fighting was quick and vicious, but our heroes emerged victorious in spite of the odds against them. The town’s guardsmen were quite impressed with the group’s heroic work, and invited them to a critical meeting the next morning to discuss the night’s chilling attack.

Will our heroes be entrusted to face the many threats facing Winterhaven?

Will fortune favor Hellary Tuff’s exploits more when the light of day shines upon her?

Will Loki begin to get the run of the town with his astounding charisma?

Will Rocky find any challenge that he can’t immediately steamroll?

Will Drago be sober by the time the meeting with the town’s guard begins?

All this and more, in our next exciting installment!


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