Hybrid Swordmage|Wizard


Trained from birth to fight in a war that never happened, Drago is an arcane warrior searching for a worthy cause—or at least a chance to keep his skills sharp.


Drago hails from the faraway kingdom of Kesh, a land of icy steppes and rocky badlands. Kesh’s king fell ill only a few years after Drago was born, and as his health deteriorated over the following decades, two rival families – Zakar and Iani – furiously plotted against each other to seize the throne. Drago’s family were retainers to the Zakar, so Drago studied the arts of sword and spell under Zakar instructors from early childhood, rigorously training for the day when he would fight for glory in the battle to gain the crown.

The king finally died at sunrise on a cold winter’s day when Drago was twenty-four; the Zakar and the Iani had their armies arrayed for battle by the noon of the same day. But just when it seemed the order to charge would come at any moment, a missionary of Pelor rode between the massed armies under a flag of truce. The missionary made a shocking revelation to the rival noblemen: their firstborn children had secretly fallen in love, and the missionary had personally married them the night before. The rival families had been united – there would be no war at all.

The people of Kesh hailed this sudden turn of events as a genuine miracle – all except warriors like Drago, whose entire life’s purpose had vanished in the blink of an eye. As the first year of the young newlyweds’ reign ushered in a new era of peace and prosperity, the traditional arcane arts quickly fell out of favor, replaced by orders of paladins and clerics devoted to Pelor, the god whose servant had made it all possible. Those warriors who didn’t convert and join Pelor’s orders were discharged and left only with the few possessions they could carry on their backs; some became hedge mages and others took to banditry, but most simply gave up their training entirely to find work wherever they could. Drago was one of the few who held to the old traditions, but with no future among his own people, he took to the roads and slowly wandered away from Kesh, finding mercenary work where he could and eventually winding up in Winterfell.

Personal Traits:

Drago was never a particularly chipper person to begin with, but his dejection at missing what would literally have been the battle of his lifetime has left him surly and prone to drunkenness. He harbors a general disdain toward clergymen and other servants of the gods, particularly the agents of Pelor. His hair, beard, and clothing are disheveled even on the best of days, and most people avoid sitting next to him at the tavern if they can manage it. Still, he is very proud, and accepts only tasks and causes “worthy” of someone with his years of training. The exact definition of “worthy” can vary somewhat with the reward being offered, though; Drago was basically a kept man when he was a warrior for the Zakar, so the realities of fending for himself have given him a more mercenary outlook than he would’ve preferred.

Since he grew up speaking the native language of Kesh, Drago speaks Common with a heavy accent, though he understands other people’s words without difficulty. Due to his training’s ancient foundations as an Eladrin martial art, he also speaks Elven fluently.

Magical items containing the power to cast spells hold a great fascination for Drago. In Kesh, only swords were used to cast spells, so wands, staffs, orbs, and other items used in the rest of the world intrigue him greatly. He also actively seeks ancient scrolls or other documentation of sword magic techniques, as he no longer has a master to further his training.

Skill Bonus:

Given his lifetime of martial training in the rugged terrain of Kesh, Drago’s endurance is above average.


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