Rk’Thppt (AKA Rocky)




Born in the wilds around the long abandoned Skr’tkill (Shadowfell) keep, Rocky was one of the few Bugbears to share the area with the other more numerous roving goblinoids. Blissfully unaware of the humanoid rumors of dwelling spirits and the taints of undeath the goblinnoid band thought the lonely mountain an ideal place to settle and burrowed within the rocky shell.

The goblinoids enjoyed a few years of unusual prosperity living in the gloomy isolation of the mountain, far removed from the usual strife between humanoids and goblinoids. The resulting population boom lead to more and more of the mountain to being tunneled and settled, eventually drawing the attention of the lingering evils slumbering in the keep and far below the stone, the period of prosperity was over.

Goblinoid tribes began to find themselves alone and isolated in the darkness as other tribes fell silent and what passed for travel and commerce dwindled. The braver souls delved in to the deeper tunnels to find what happened to the tribes who were suddenly gone, but few returned and those that did spoke only of stripped bones amidst undisturbed dwellings. One of these search parties found the lone bawling Bugbear child surrounded by corpses left twisted in expressions of horror.

Eventually the goblinoid bands fled their holdings under the expanding gloom of undeath, this put them in conflict with the nearby settlement of Winterhaven and raids and conflict were common as the two civilizations vied for territory. Rocky matured in this period of bloodshed and, though somewhat timid, was often goaded into being a distraction or pushed ahead as a screen for the advance of the smaller goblins and orcs. Rocky did not like this, but he was good at it, and the others would not share their food with him if he was not cooperative.

Rocky’s sad lot in life changed during the largest raid the tribes had dared against the town of Winterhaven. While being prodded against a line of heavily armed guardsmen, a clever and understated leader observed that Rocky’s advance was only maintained through duress. The unarmed man advance on the large creature at the amazement of the guards and raiders alike, he stopped ten paces from Rocky and tossed a hefty bag at the Bugbear’s feet. Gold coins skittered out of the loose pouch and everyone stopped and stared a moment. The mysterious man met Rocky’s eyes, uttered something in a tongue he did not understand, and pointed to the gibbering goblin horde. The gesture’s meaning was not lost on anyone. Rocky ate well by a cozy fire that night.

Gambino, as Rocky would later know him, took on the orphaned Bugbear as a retainer. Though the reigns of his criminal empire were handed off long ago, Gambino still had many enemies and recognized the worth of a massive bodyguard whose loyalty could be maintained through cheap stews and shiny baubles. Though many of the townsfolk protested keeping a goblinoid in the town, no one had the influence to oppose the desires of a man as powerful as Gambino and Rocky continues to live in Winterhaven under his employ.

Personal Traits:

Rocky is a conflicted soul, early trauma and fear have made him a far more timid figure than most goblinoids, except maybe cowering goblins, but the natural bloodrage and aggression hard wired in his brain give him a short temper and a childish joy of destruction. Though Rocky see far less violence in his day to day life than when he was living among goblinoids, he is still regularly deployed by Gambino to smash something or someone when people step out of line. To this end Gambino has provided Rocky with custom sized armor and weapons more fitting of a civilized tool than a wandering barbarian.

Despite his extensive experience facing death against great numerical odds Rocky still harbors some deep seated fears from his time in the haunted tunnels of the Shadowfell. Rocky is afraid of the dark, though he often never sees it. Life above ground with his substantial low-light vision means that Rocky rarely even notices whether it’s dark or light out, but being caught in the pitch darkness of a lightless tunnel brings back the harrowing memories of fear he couldn’t begin to comprehend as a child.

Rocky has learned the basics of speaking the common tongue from Gambino, but the language rolls around in his mouth like so many marbles. His speech is often slow, rumbling, and slurred.

Rocky’s greatest joys are tasty meats, shiny pretty things, and smashing things.

Rk’Thppt (AKA Rocky)

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